TAPP into your talents and passion and those of your staff.

When you are a small business owner, it often feels as though there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything you need to accomplish. So how do you decide whether to hire and for what role? Take some time to

1) Analyze
  a. What are your strengths?
  b. On what projects do you tend to spend the most time?
  c. Are these projects which only you can do?
  d. What projects are being pushed aside?
  e. Are they necessary? What is result of them not being completed?
  f. Would you like time to focus on the incomplete projects?
  g. From what type of projects do you get energy?
  h. How does your existing staff spend their time?
  i. What are their strengths?
    i. This may be a good time to perform staff evaluations
    ii. Review with each person what he or she likes about the position, what projects they would like to have the opportunity to work on, what they don't enjoy as much.
    iii. Ask them where they think the company needs help
    iv. Have a team meeting and ask each person to share some of their background and talents. This will enable each team member to know how to tap into the talents of one another efficiently
  j. Where are there holes in talent? Do you have someone who is strong at
    i. Marketing
    ii. Social media
    iii. Sales
    iv. Customer service
    v. Accounting
    vi. Strategy
    vii. Research
    viii. Project management
    ix. IT
  k. What is your 5 year plan?
  l. How does your existing staff help you meet the company's long term goals?
  m. What is the financial picture for the company?
  n. When you hire, what is your expected return on investment?
  o. What will you need to purchase to hire a staff person?
    i. Computer
    ii. Phone
    iii. Software, etc.
2) Is your need long term or short term?
  a. Have you been engaged for a short term project?
  b. Are you attempting to grow the company?
  c. Will you need someone to handle this task in 3 or 6 months?
3) Do you want someone in the office during normal business hours?
4) Are you a virtual office (or able to be a virtual office)?
5) How do your customers/clients communicate with you (add percentages)?
  a. Email
  b. Mail
  c. In person meetings
  d. Skype
  e. Other
6) What skill level would you want
  a. Entry – trained by you/your staff
  b. Mid level- familiar with industry/project
  c. Senior/expert – able to direct project and be a strategic partner
7) Once you've identified the types of projects on which you need help, track your time
  a. This will help you determine how many hours your new staff member will need
  b. It also helps you to learn how you spend your time.


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