Part-time Professionals....

As a part-time employee, do you consider yourself to be a part-time professional? If you are a team player, good communicator, self starter, efficient, and engaged, you are a professional. A free membership in TAPP will help you

  • Hone (or gain) the skills to be a confident professional
  • Create strong communication channels with your co-workers, boss(es), and family
  • Connect with other part-time professionals (anonymously) to share ideas, challenges, and best practices.
  • Manage your schedule and learn ways to use your time efficiently.

Join as a premium member ($30/6 months) and

  • Enhance your personal development with unlimited access to our archived webinars and monthly live webinars.
  • Tap into the knowledge of our experts such as the elder law attorney and accounting firm.


In addition, as a member, you have access to the TAPP staff who will help you to create "your work, your world, your way".

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