TAPP was launched in September 2010 by The Guild Associates, Inc. (GA), a 78-year old association management company that began utilizing part-time staff several years ago. The part-time work arrangement quickly proved to be positive and beneficial, both for the company and the part-time employees. GA was pleased to hire staff who were smart, well educated, articulate, experienced, reliable, efficient, and specifically interested in working part-time hours. The part-time staff members enjoy staying in the professional realm, while still having enough time for other priorities in their lives. GA's part-time staff has been intrinsic to the success of the company, and the ability to work part-time hours has been intrinsic to the success and overall well being of its part-time employees.

Over time, it became clear that other companies and individuals could benefit from similar permanent part-time employment situations, but either did not realize the option was available or did not know how to make it work properly. In addition, GA staff learned that other business owners wanted to hire part-time employees to fill specific needs in their work force, but were not sure where to find qualified candidates looking for part-time work. The part-time employees at GA shared that their friends, family, and acquaintances wished for satisfying, challenging work on a part-time schedule, but did not believe many companies offered such positions.

Linda Guild, GA's CEO, realized that despite the broad spectrum of potential part-time employees, including stay-at-home parents, recent retirees, students, care givers, and others who work part-time for reasons such as health or work-life balance, there was a lack of resources dedicated to the part-time employee or its employer. Consequently, TAPP was formed to provide a community, tools, and resources that would enable companies and employees to find the type of success through part-time employment that GA has now enjoyed for several years.



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