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Founded in September 2010, TAPP (Talented Alliance of Part-time Professionals) is membership association for individuals who choose to work part-time and companies that employ them.

TAPP is not a staffing agency, but an association providing resources and other benefits to its members. Studies indicate an across the board trend towards part-time employment in the workplace. Employers are utilizing part-time, flex time, and job sharing options in order to maximize effectiveness and costs. At the same time, America’s work force is shifting towards flex schedules in order to balance multiple priorities in their lives.

Together, these trends point to a new future in workplace culture. Fewer and fewer individuals elect to work the traditional 9-5 work week, preferring instead to pursue one of the growing list of work opportunities that allows flexibility in their day-to-day lives.

TAPP was created to meet the unique needs of this growing segment of the work force. It is a virtual organization that provides a forum and resources for both individuals and companies. Services provided include monthly webinars, discussion boards, and the chance to “Ask the Expert” about topics such as career coaching, employment law, tax issues, interviewing tips, etc. Our site also includes a job board, buyer’s guide, self-assessment tools, and informative articles. Members include individuals who are seeking a new part-time position, individuals currently working part-time, and businesses that need guidance in hiring and retaining part-time staff.

TAPP is pleased to provide sponsorship opportunities for companies who would like to gain exposure to this highly untapped market of individuals.

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